Square Dance Association of Wisconsin
A 501 (C)(3) Organization

Wisconsin Square Dance Leaders & Callers Council (WSDLCC)
The Wisconsin Square Dance Leaders and Callers Council is the state association of callers and dance leaders. The group meets quarterly at the SDAW Jamborees. A committee functions alongside delegates from each area of the state.

The purpose of this organization is:
  • To encourage leaders and callers to promote dancing
  • To encourage and support continuing education and development of leaders and callers
  • To provide leadership in the development of new and experienced dancers
  • To support Callerlab and Roundalab code of conduct
  • To encourage and support the exchange of ideas and experiences at each area jamboree and convention

Committee Members
Wayne Irwin, President
Vice President
Sharon Albright, Vice President
Charlie & Jan Bitter, Secretary
Tom Nickel, Treasurer

WSDLCC Committee Links
WSDLCC Constitution and By-laws
Includes outline for Callers/Leader Status

State Delegates
Southwest Area:
Caller Delegate: Tom & Kathy Nickel
Caller Alternate: Dave & Betsy Schulz

Southeast Area:
Caller Delegate: Wayne & Elaine Irwin
Caller Alternate: Ted & Doris Palmen

Wolf River Area:
Caller Delegate: Charlie & Jan Bitter
Caller Alternate: Mike & Michelle Seurer

Central Northwest Area:
Caller Delegate: Sharon Albright & Bob Tjensvoid
Caller Alternate: