Square Dance Association of Wisconsin
A 501 (C)(3) Organization

Here 'Tis

Wisconsin's Official Magazine For Square & Round Dancers
The Here 'Tis Magazine is published quarterly, to keep dancers current on the state and national events and news in the square and round dance community. It is currently running the 66th volume of the publication in 2021.

The magazine is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" in size, saddle stiched, and in color. It is distributed by mail. All new dancers are signed up to receive a free one year subscription by their respective clubs. After that, the subscription rate is $10 for the year (4 issues) or $17 for two years (8 issues) or $25 for three years (12 issues). To sign up, please make your check payable to Brenda Deal, and please send an email for the current mailing address.

Content included in the publication:
  • Club and Area News Articles
  • Club Directory By Dance Day
  • Special Dates to Remember
  • Caller and Cuer Directory
  • Display Ads and Inserts
  • SDA-WI Directory
The Here 'Tis is a copyright protected publication. However, all square dance publications are granted continuous permission to reprint the Here 'Tis material if the author and the the Here 'Tis are given proper credit.

Scott and Brenda Deal are the proud editors, publishers, and owners for the Here 'Tis. If you have any questions please contact them. All dates and pricing may vary from that listed. See the current publication for the most up-to-date information.
Ad Rates
  • Full Page - $40.00 (portrait or landscape)
  • 1/4 Page  - $20.00 (portrait or landscape)
  • 1/2 Page  - $30.00 (portrait or landscape)
  • 1/8 Page  - $15.00 (portrait or landscape)
  • Center Inserts
    • $60.00 (you print, send in 300 copies)
    • $100.00 (Here 'Tis prints)
  • Inside Front or Back Cover Ads - $45.00 per issue
  • Front Cover 3/4 Page Ad - $80.00

Prepaid annual ad rates available. Please contact us for more information.
Please send payment with ad to save billing costs.
We scan all ads so camera ready ads can be any size. We will reduce or expand your ad to fit the size and format you requested in your letter.
We accept commercial ads - however there is no intended or implied Here 'Tis endorsement of the products being advertised.
Here 'Tis reserves the right to modify and enhance all ads received to make better and more readable ads.

Publication Dates
  • March 1st - Spring issue covering March, April and May dance information
  • June 1st - Summer issue covering June, July and August dance information
  • September 1st - Fall issue covering September, October and November dance information
  • December 1st - Winter issue covering Deember, January, and February dance information

Issues are mailed only to current subscribers approximately 4 weeks prior to publication dates

Copy Deadlines

Mail all news items, listings and ads before the following dates:

  • Spring issue - January 1st
  • Summer issue - April 1st
  • Fall issue - July 1st
  • Winter issue - October 1st

If you miss the deadline, call us to determine if we can still get your material into the current issue.