Square Dance Association of Wisconsin
A 501 (C)(3) Organization

Wisconsin State Square Dance Flag Foundation, Inc.

Wisconsin Square Dance Flag
The idea of a state flag came up in February 1971, when Bill and Gwen Wild from Monroe, who were Chairman of Halls and Decorations for the 13th Wisconsin Convention, decided we needed something different to promote square dancing in Wisconsin.

The Wilds and Loren and Bobbie Foster discussed the idea on the way to the SDAW meeting in Eau Claire. Bill presented the idea at the state meeting that day. Others were invited to submit flag designs.

At the May 23rd SDAW meeting in Neenah, Gwen's design was selected. She was to make two flags for the forth coming convention. Gwen made the flags which were dedicated at a special ceremony on August 21st, 1971. Mr. Charles Smith, the State Treasurer, was on hand to help the SDAW unveil the flag, which was the first State Square and Round Dance Flag in the nation.

The green map of Wisconsin represents the rich hills and country side of our state. The five stars represent the five areas of the SDAW. The combined square and rounds are to illustrate how both square and round dancers work together in Wisconsin. The SDAW in the diamond is the emblem of the Square Dance Association of Wisconsin, and the red dancers show all non-dancers what our organization is about. These are combined on a white background to make a flag that we are very proud of.

Even though we no longer have five areas, the design will remain the same in honor of the development of the flag representing the SDAW, and Square and Round dancing.
The design has a copyright. Our flag is in the Library of Congress and National Archives in Washington DC. On November 16, 1971 the Wisconsin State Square Dance Flag Foundation, Inc. received its incorporation papers.

The incorporation papers provide for the distribution of profits from the sale of the flags should there be any. It states that all profits will be used solely for the promotion of Square and Round dancing in Wisconsin. The papers further provide that in the event the Foundation disbands, all remaining monies will go to the SDAW. If The SDAW doesn't exist, the monies then go to the State Historical Society.

The head of the Foundation is June Myklebust and she has Flags and decals for sale at a nominal charge. If you have any questions please email June at jmyklebust@centurytel.net