Square Dance Association of Wisconsin
A 501 (C)(3) Organization

WI State Square and Round Dance Convention
Wisconsin State Square and Round Dance Conventions have been held annually around the state since 1949. They are produced by a Convention Board, under the auspices of the Square Dance Association of Wisconsin. General Chairpersons alternate between a caller and a dancer where possible. Detailed planning guidelines are given at convention planning meetings to all activity chairpersons. Hall of Fame inductees are honored at the convention.

The general board consists of the General Chairpersons for the past five conventions.

2021's Board Members are:

President: Chuck & Jan Muecke
Vice President: Terry & Cindy Prust
Secretary: Scott & Brenda Deal
Treasurer: Ellery & Karen Gulbrand
Publicity: Mike and Michelle Seurer
Executive Secretary:

Ask The Board
Do you have suggestions, questions, or comments for the Square Dance Convention Executive Board? Want to make your voice heard or volunteer to help us make each and every convention better? If the answer is yes, then send an email to this address and make your voice heard. We need your input!

2022 WI Convention

2022 WI Convention Contacts
General Chairman: Sharon Albright & Bob Tjensvold
Assistant General Chairman: Dominic Gruetzmacher
Registration: Sue & Rex Roehl
Secretary: Amanda Herdt
Treasurer: Jon & Diane Case
Publicity: Tracy Nickel
Programming-Squares: Jimmie and Deanna Burss
Programming-Rounds: Mike and Michelle Seurer
Education: Bob and Cinda Asp
Youth: Jessie Gruetzmacher
Souvenir Booklet: Rose Marie Kerner
Housing/Camping: Dominic Gruetzmacher
Retail Sales: Doug Kindsuch
Services: Val Licht
Showcase of Ideas: Ron Mueller
Souvenir Booklet: Rose Marie Kerner
Fashion Show: Georgine Sumnicht
Special Events: Ray Steinich and Georgine Sumnicht
Webmaster: Tracy Nickel
Computer Services: TBD

2022 WI Convention Registration
Online Registration Is Now Available!